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Start your own restaurant at Cloud Kitchen, located in the heart of Tokyo, where the demand for delivery is the highest.

We've remade the restaurant into a whole new place. The delivery market is growing. Attractive locations, an environment where you can focus on cooking, and the ability to take on challenges at minimal cost are our strengths at Kitchen Mountain.

Why Cloud Kitchen?

Comparison with vacant property

​1/10times investment

The initial cost of a vacant property in Minato-ku is more than 10 million yen. Cloud Kitchen can be started for less than one-tenth of that amount.

3months to break-even

The large initial investment incurred by a izakaya store can take up to five years to recover. With Cloud Kitchen, you can reach the break-even point in as little as three months.

1/3of staff

It is said that floor staff is needed two to three times more than kitchen staff. Cloud Kitchen can start with one operation.

Minimum start time1week

In many cases, interior and exterior work is done after the contract is signed, so it takes time and money to open the restaurant. With Cloud Kitchen, it is possible to open in as little as one week after signing a contract.

Areas with the highest demand in Japan


Kitchen Mountain Toranomon is located in the middle of the most active delivery district. Because of its location in the Toranomon district, Kitchen Mountain Toranomon's trade area covers the Minato, Chuo and Chiyoda wards, which have the highest demand for delivery services.


Environment where you can concentrate on cooking

Kitchen design ideal for food delivery. Equipped with Hoshizaki equipment. Use of a high-speed freight elevator allows for the fastest possible operation speed.




Expand your business with lower costs

You can start a store for about 1/10th of the cost of a vacant property. No floor labor costs. Multiple business types can be developed. You can further expand your business with take-out, delivery, eat-in, etc.


Dedicated support team


Free consultation with our professional team is available. Feel free to consult with us on any matter, including branding, menus, sales promotion, management, accounting, and legal matters.


Why Kitchen Mountain?

You can choose according to your purpose of use Reasonable plans

Kitchen Mountain offers reasonably priced plans that make it easy for anyone trying to open a restaurant/ghost restaurant/ghost kitchen.

Mountain's plans consist of a monthly fee for the kitchen and a sales commission. The monthly fee starts from 99,000 yen. Sales commission is from 3.25%.
Please feel free to inquire about the cost of moving in. We can also offer plans tailored to your needs.

If you like, please click the button below and fill out the form to download and view the detailed information!


3-9-1 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Mountain Toranomon

Toei Mita Line / Onarimon Station 5 min. walk
JR/Metro Shinbashi Station 7 minutes by walking
Ginza Line Toranomon station 8 min. walk
Hibiya Line Toranomon Hills station 7 min. walk

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